The ColEngine P2 FPGA miner can mine Karlsen at 32Gh/s, which could generate even $1800/month!


ColEngine is a new company in the cryptocurrency mining industry. Recently they released a new FPGA miner that can mine 4 cryptocurrencies so far including Alephium, Radiant (RXD), Iron Fish and Karlsen. In the future, the FPGA will be able to mine other cryptocurrencies, and updates will be free.

But, I will stop at Karlsen which at the time of writing is worth almost 2 cents and the ColEngine P2 FPGA can mine this cryptocurrency at 32 GH/s which is almost 1000 KLS per day or $20. Its consumption in the case of Karlsen mining is 1.5 kWh, which is reasonable.

If we assume that, Karlsen will reach 6 cents and for example you manage to mine with this miner approx. 30,000 KLS over a 30 day period, they could be worth $1800, a negligible spot income. Of course this is an assumption and is not financial advice.

More information about this miner can be found here.

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  1. ColEngine P@ can generate $440/30 days if they mine Alephium - Testat în România

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