ColEngine P2 FPGA can mine 3417 RXD or the equivalent of 7$ per day


A recent arrival in the cryptocurrency industry, the ColEngine P2 FPGA can mine Radiant with a processing power of 22.28 Gh/s, which translates into a daily cashout of 3417 RXD or $7 at the time of writing.

The FPGA produced by ColEngine can mine 4 cryptocurrencies so far, including Alephium, Radiant (RXD), Iron Fish and Karlsen. In the future, the FPGA will be able to mine other cryptocurrencies, and updates will be free.

Unlike the previous post where we looked at how Karlsen mines cryptocurrency, this time we saw how much ColEngine P2 FPGA can produce if we mine Radiant. Its consumption is 1.23 kWh, if the Radiant algorithm is mined, which is reasonable.

So if the difficulty and price of RXD is maintained, the ColEngine miner can generate $210 per month without decreasing the power consumption.

More information about this miner can be found here.

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