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Money Leads the World! But crypto, is better!

This title is no news! But, I think it’s hard for us to believe that we are driven by money!

Things are simple, we go to work to get a salary, and for the latter, we seem to do “what we like”! In fact, we do what those who run those companies want. We live a modern slavery, coordinated “perfectly” by money. At this time, I personally think it would be a disaster if there was no money.

Let’s understand, we do not do what we want, we do what dictates money! We live in a modern dictatorship, apparently we think we are free!

Basically money sets the order, order that is cleverly coordinated from the shadows. I do not want to get to Illuminati and other “clans” that actually drive us through money. Anyway, everyone will get what they deserve. Karma baby!

The basic idea is that, the money is energy, which today is transformed into services and goods. In the past, the money allowed the exchange of goods, today we have evolved into a society based more on services.

Part of this energy is consumed by governments. The latter have a seemingly reduced responsibility but set us rules and conditions.

Money can print, with “no rules” in an unlimited quantity. Very true. But this right is not for an ordinary man, so we live in a system of who made the money and we have to dance as they say. Irrelevant, who they are! Relevant is that money governs this Flat Earth!

Almost everything is done for money and on their behalf. At one point, some extraterrestrial broke a UK  television and told us to pay attention to those who consume our energy, referring exactly to money.

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So for the last ten years, ordinary people can “print” money at their home, and here I refer to cryptocurrencies or bitcoins. Thus, those who control money begin to lose part of control, and ordinary people can determine the true value of money. Of course, at this point, it is trying to reduce the value of the crypto to zero, obviously the shadow want to take control again.

But it is time to show those who print money, that ordinary people can also control the value of money. We live times that will radically change the thinking of ordinary people!

The free energy combined with the bitcoin mining, will give us a new notion of money, which I do not know to define at present. However, we still can not think of freedom! There is no right definition of freedom!

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