What else can be mined with KS0 or KS0 Pro besides KASPA?


Currently a KS0 produces approx. 5 KASPA per day and KS0 Pro 10 KAS/day.

If we look at how much KS0 PRO currently generates, the $1.3 produced per day, you’d say it’s not worth keeping it running, but Kaspa has a real chance to hit over $1.1 next year, and then what you’re mining this year with a KS0 PRO, it will then mean 11$ that is, „now you actually made 11$”.

But what else can you mine with a KS0 from Iceriver?

Sedra Coin and Bugna recently came out that can mine with Iceriver’s ASICs, I say this because Bitmain’s have a difficulties when they have to mine these cryptocurrencies.

A few words about Sedra Coin

Sedra wants to pave the way to an innovative metaverse called Sedrax, powered by the advanced GHOSTDAG PROTOCOL and kHeavyHash algorithm. The cryptocurrency has 28.7 billion units and is currently ranked 5179 in Coinmarketcap.

A few words about Bugna

Bugna is a meme cryptocurrency, similar to Shiba Inu, but it is very fast because it uses Kaspa’s algorithm, kHeavyHash. Bugna has 100 billion units, of which 90% will be mineable.

How much Sedra Coin and Bugna can be mined now with KS0 PRO?

Thus with a KS0 PRO you can mine approx. 2000 SDR/day, and Bugna you can mine approx. 20000 BGA/day. The point is, Sedra has a good chance to end this year with 1 or 2 cents and then the long term can be quite interesting. Regarding Bugna, being a meme coin, here both mining and purchasing the cryptocurrency can bring benefits in the medium/long term. Of course this is not financial advice, with cryptocurrencies you take the biggest risks!

In addition, both Sedra Coin and Bugna have a „wallet” similar to that of Kaspa. Also, my advice is to mine these cryptocurrencies in your „wallet” and not in the exchange!

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