Kylacoin has only 21,000 units and a real chance to reach $100,000 before bitcoin!


Kylacoin is a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin, the source code is accessible to anyone, anyone can see, copy, compile and run it.

Kylacoin is decentralized, it can be mined with video card, ASIC or FPGA. In the case of KCN, there is no central authority involved, everything is stored on the blockchain and copied to the peer-to-peer network.

Most worth mentioning is that, the Kylacoin project has no secrets and hides nothing!

The number of Kylacoin cryptocurrencies are limited to 21,000 KCN, which will make it easier for them to get ahead of bitcoin at $100,000. But it remains to be seen!

Kylacoin can be mined or bought on exchanges, it has not benefited from a pre-sale, it is a fair and transparent project!

A Kylacoin block is 0.005 KCN and is generated every minute, which guarantees high transaction speeds. The algorithm used by Kylacoin is SHA3 developed by NIST and adapted from Keccak, which is much more secure than SHA2.

A list of the richest Kylacoin holders can be found here.

One KCN trades today at the value of 120 USDT, the lowest value it reached this year was 16 USDT, and the highest value was 600 USDT.

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