Is AIDOGE getting ready to grow 10x?

Is AIDOGE getting ready to grow 10x?

June 12, 2023 will be the peak of this massive increase!

I have never been a fan of meme cryptocurrencies like the well known Dogecoin and more recently PEPE.

Of course, these cryptocurrencies benefited from strong marketing that facilitated this spectacular and baseless growth, and those who coordinated the marketing campaign, knew what they were doing and obviously came away with full pockets. These meme-type cryptocurrencies don’t bring much benefit to society, but we need to put them on the radar, because at this moment when the crypto market is hardly moving in an uptrend, some memes are growing more than they should, and ground-breaking cryptocurrencies like Kaspa are overshadowed by meme-like projects that make a profit for their creators and those who participate in the marketing campaign.

Many memes are promoted on Tiktok and other social channels, and from here you can see that some have massive increases, because many invest in such projects.

Why June 12th is the deadline at which AIDOGE, or ArbDoge will increase by almost 10x?

This prediction is made by CoinCodex, which the other day predicted a BTC at approx. $28,000, which is what happened. But back to AIDOGE, I think it will soon benefit from a massive promotion to grow 10x, and considering that the total value of AIDOGE or ArbDoge.AI is just over $53 million, and this value would could reach in the next period approx. 500 million or even $1 billion.

It seems possible or impossible, one thing is certain, in cryptocurrencies do not invest more than you can afford to lose, and in memes I would not suggest you to invest, the risks of losing the invested money are much higher, than in a popular cryptocurrency!

I can’t help but notice, but the AIDOGE news has started to multiply! See here.

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