How much Kaspa still mining a KS3M from Iceriver in May 2024?

IceRiver KS3M

First, I start with the Kaspa network, which exceeded 230 PH/s, which was somewhat expected with the appearance of Bitmain’s KS5 and the Ibelink BM-KS MAX 10.5T, which apparently „shipped” and not much. I say not really, because I placed an order in February and it won’t be honored in May either, and then I preferred to give it up and order the KS5L model from Iceriver.

Well, as we can see, the company is displaying the message „Sold out” on all the miners it produces, in other words it hasn’t sold any miners for more than two weeks. This raises some questions for me, either there are no more CPUs for these miners, or the production capacity is exceeded by the demand, or the Iceriver company prefers to work only B2B and occasionally B2C.

We can also see that for a long time the Kaspa network was at 170 PH/s, so for a long time no miners were produced for Kaspa, so there were problems with the production of Kaspa miners, but the recent increase that led network at 230 PH/s indicates that, new miners have been produced and new generation miners have been produced, especially Bitmain’s KS5.

Iceriver’s KS3M mines over 250 Kaspa per day
Coming back to Iceriver’s KS3M, one of the most popular Kaspa miners, it manages to mine approx. 257 KAS per day, and in the following month he will manage to mine approx. 7700 KAS which is reasonable for a miner worth approx. $7000 – $8000.

However, don’t forget that Iceriver miners can also mine the new cryptocurrencies that are on the KheavyHash algorithm, namely Sedra Coin and Bugna.

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