Hemp oil soothes joint pain

Hemp oil soothes joint pain

Over time, I practiced sports activities that have requested my joints, but also my bones at a medium-high level.

Although I was an amateur athlete, I can say that I achieved records that are quite difficult to break in the sports in which I used to work. However, after the age of 39, it came the payback time.

And I am not referring to back pain that is common, for example spine pain, which can occur if you have had a restless sleep, but to the fact that I have a serious pain in my left shoulder.

And when I move my hand from my shoulder the pain is very accentuated, but if I have to pick up an object even slightly, the pain reaches high peaks.

However, for about 2 months I started using hemp oil to soothe the pain, and every night I massage the source of the pain with oil for 60 seconds. I also recommend that you eat in the same time in salads or with your favourite products daily approx. 10 – 15 ml of hemp oil – a tablespoon or a teaspoon of hemp oil depending on taste.

How long does hemp oil soothe joint pain?

After applying hemp oil, the joint pain begins to reduce in intensity after approx. 15 to 40 minutes. But, you have to keep in mind that I am a person with a vegan / vegetarian diet, and diet can play an important role in natural or any other type of treatment.

Of course, a diet low in animal foods helps you a lot in treating or improving a health problem.

In the past, I have heard that hemp oil has the ability to heal joints, well the test is at the beginning and that is why I will update this article after 3 or 6 months. Until then, if you have started using hemp oil to relieve joint pain, I am waiting for your opinion below.

Dorel Puchianu

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