Cash will disappear faster than we think!

Cash will disappear faster than we think!

The idea behind bitcoin was and still is misunderstood by a large part of the population. Bank accounts, payment cards, food cards, cryptocurrencies and tokens are the guaranteed way to a cashless, cashless world.

In fact, the Bitcoin network is paving the way for a totalitarian control of money. It is what is desired. In the future, the cash will disappear, it will be replaced by card payments, interbank payments, cryptocurrency payments etc.

In itself, cash is a form of anonymous payment and Bitcoin is intended to be a form of anonymous payment, but it is not, because transactions on the Bitcoin network are traceable.

Of course there are untraceable cryptocurrencies, but I’m not going to talk about them here.

Without realizing it, cash has been replaced by cards, food cards or cards for certain stores. So it is much simpler to have bank accounts and digital payments and it is much easier to control these transactions. Whether we want it or not, cash will disappear, because physical money must be printed and cannot be controlled, as simply as digital money.

In the future, money will only exist in digital format, you will only be able to spend it with your phone, bank card or by purchasing products/services online.

Digital money, or government-issued cryptocurrency, will be programmable and can be spent on different categories of goods/services: food, clothes, rent, tax, utilities, etc. You will not be able to spend the money you earn only on cigarettes, in fact, you will have the right to spend your money as the GOV wants, it will also be able to limit you to spend your money, in a geographical area. Which is a good thing in the sense that you won’t starve, on the other hand, for example, you won’t be able to spend your entire salary on the purchase of an expensive phone!

So you’ll have a digital wallet, a government-issued cryptocurrency wallet, and the money in that wallet will be divided into multiple categories, so you can’t spend the money as you please, as is happening now.

Since when will this happen? Possibly from 2023!

This transformation can happen anytime, you see, small producers are required to have POS, so you can expect that the government will force us to have a digital wallet with a cryptocurrency issued by it divided into several possible spending categories. And we will no longer be able to withdraw that money from the ATM in printed form, on paper so to speak.

But still there will be possibilities to make anonymous payments with cryptocurrencies, so there are tricks to be anonymous when making payments, but I won’t present them here!

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