Bugna is a mineable meme coin!


Unlike Shiba Inu, Bugna uses the KheavyHash algorithm and can be obtained through the „Proof-of-work” process, meaning it can be mined just like Kaspa or Sedra Coin.

For those who don’t know, Shiba Inu can’t be mined, it can only be bought on the exchange.

Theoretically mining Bugna now instead of Kaspa should be more profitable. But let’s do some math and see. A KS0 Pro mines at the time of writing approx. 9 Kaspa, and Bugna can mine approx. 35,000 BGA per day.

9 Kaspa is worth approx. $1.10, and 35,000 BGAs are now worth about $1.07. Well you would say that you don’t actually earn anything extra for mining Bugna with KS0 PRO and yet Bugna can double overnight, meaning from the current value of 0.00003070 it can always reach $0.00006140. One aspect that Bugna has demonstrated recently is the jump it made on April 19th from $0.00002570 to $0.00005000. Kaspa can double his value, but it is quite difficult to do this step repeatedly and in one day.

So mining Bugna at this time with KS0 PRO is more profitable than mining Kaspa. Of course, it’s not financial advice, it’s just a personal opinion. You decide if you stay to mine Kaspa, or switch to Bugna.

Bugna launched on March 14, 2024, has a money supply of 100 billion and the first halving will take place on May 14, 2024, when the block will decrease from 2000 to 1781 BGA.

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