An ethereum farm, it earns 6,000 Euros a day!

An ethereum farm, it earns 6,000 Euros a day!

I know the press talks a lot about Bitcoin, the bitcoin mining and applications in the economy of this digital currency.

But worth mentioning is the Ethereum cryptocurrency, which is currently ranked III according to, outpaced by a little Ripple. At the time of writing, ETH or ethereum has a market share estimated at € 11 million.

Within the platform, which facilitates the production of the ethereum digital money, the strongest mining farm on the platform has a speed of over 550,000 Mh / s, which can “print” approximately 20,000 ETH pro year.

What represents now 2,4 million USD. I do not know what kind of hardware is used to get this astronomical mining speed, but if this is done with Radeon RX 570 video cards, it would take about 20,000 pcs video cards plus additional hardware to make it work.

It remains to be said that only these video cards have a consumption of 2100 KWh!

On the other hand, probably mining with FPGA will be more efficient, we have to see this year.

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