An Ethereum Classic miner earns 2,600 euros a day, another Kaspa miner 3,500 euros

The cryptocurrency industry produces impressive amounts of money per day, the difference is that, cryptocurrencies need to be produced and here I mean that you need to have equipment/hardware and software knowledge to mine a cryptocurrency like Ethereum Classic or Kaspa.

I was saying, the difference is, because the paper money has to be printed, and the digital ones are actually numbers in a database. So, it’s no wonder why a Bitcoin is worth more than 25,000 euros today, because behind it there are numerous software and hardware teams/companies working like the Bitcoin network, Ethereum Classic, Kaspa, etc. to be decentralized and secure. Of course, at the end of the day, most transactions are done in hard currency, and much less in crypto.

An ETC miner earns 2,600 euros per day
But below is the address of an Ethereum miner who, in one working day, collects over 2,600 euros at the current ETC rate of 16.9 euros. The latter has 724 devices mining for it, some of them being Antminer Bitmain E9, which can have a processing power of up to 2 GH/s. Obviously, I’m not saying that these equipments need software and hardware maintenance from time to time.

Another Kaspa miner earns 3,500 euros per day
Below I have chosen a Kaspa miner who earns 3,500 euros per day at a current Kaspa rate of 0.0206 euros. It is said that, BTC is blockchain version 1.0, Ethereum is blockchain version 2.0 and Kaspa is blockchain version 3.0. Kaspa can process 35,000 transactions per second. What I appreciate most about cryptocurrencies is the transparency of the money (of cryptocurrencies), even if some addresses don’t know who they belong to!

So if you can buy 100 euro worth of Kaspa and 100 euro worth of ETC, in 2025 it could be worth approx. 2000 to 5000 euros!

Note, in the near future the links we have presented above may not work!

Remember, don’t invest more in cryptocurrencies than you can afford to lose!

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