Where’s the justice?!? Printed money vs. Bitcoin

Some are tormented a lifetime, others print 100,000 Euro banknotes per hour!

I’m still thinking about justice … One conclusion: bitcoin, bitcoin and again Bitcoin!

Bitcoin cannot be printed, it must be virtual mined with expensive equipment, which consumes current and is set with some difficulty, and the “notebook” (blockchain) in which all transactions are kept is decentralized, not in the possession of a bank or an entity!

By its very nature, bitcoin can be worth up to 1 billion euros, as proof is the money that is printed with some ease and is controlled by few people!

The printed money can be issued without any limit! That is why we should ask ourselves what their real value really is!

In conclusion, some cryptocurrencies can be controlled by humans, and the latter can give a real value of cryptocurrencies vs. printed money or FIAT.

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