What will happen to Ethereum after it moves to version 2.0?

What will happen to Ethereum after it moves to version 2.0?

First of all, after ETH will move from PoW to PoS, or simply to explain, after it will no longer be possible to mine Ethereum with video cards or ASICs and transactions will be stored on multiple servers around the world, and they will be validated by these servers – Ethereum will no longer be a cryptocurrency in my opinion.

So, it will move away from the idea of ​​decentralization, because it is much easier to control a few thousand servers around the world than over half a million ETH miners. Of course, 500,000 ETH miners is just an estimate, it may be more or less in reality. I don’t think these dates are known exactly.

So, when ETH can no longer be mined, the 500,000 miners who daily buy or sell ETH will disappear, and start mining and trading one of the cryptocurrencies here: FIRO, ETC (Ethereum Classic), Ravencoin, Monero , Ergo, Beam etc.

Thus, the above cryptocurrencies will become stronger, more well-known, transactions will increase, and their potential will increase. It is clear that Ethereum will lose its popularity at least 500,000 people will suddenly not be interested in Ethereum. Vitalik, have you thought about this aspect?

Whether it was thought or not, to suddenly lose 500,000 people interested in your project, and who have invested significant amounts to mine ETH, it is obvious that it will be reflected in the price of ETH, of course maybe not immediately, but in time I do not see why, an Ethereum that is validated by a few servers and strictly controlled, to increase in value!

I say, we have to look at the Bitcoin locomotive, which for over ten years has grown steadily because of miners and the fact that it has kept the idea of decentralization

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