What is it like get 10,000 euros in seven days from cryptomining?

What is it like get 10,000 euros in seven days from cryptomining?

This adress 36uKAt7tcBH3MyYgtLz5jdDnykQc56yCJS get last week 1.2 BTC witch translate to approx. 10.000 euros.

Not many people know what it means in real life to get cash from cryptomining, but when you hear that some people get in a week approx. 10000 euros in cash from this industry, it’s gets your attention for sure!

Of course, the efforts put by bitcoin miners or others (ethereum, monero etc.) miners are considerable in five directions: investment in hardware, hardware & software configuration, software upgrades, maintenance of mining equipment and the cost of electricity.

Of course, today, if you go to cryptomining, it is worthwhile producing your own electricity, and here things get a little more complicated because you need solar, hydro or wind energy. Or if you can combine them all.

Of course, what I told you above about cryptomining is a piece of nothing! I say that, because some imagine the bitcoin a trifle. Well, I tell them that they have a lot to learn, and I’m sure they will talk nicely when the bitcoin reaches $100.000 for an single BTC.

If you want consulting in this industry, you know where to find me.

In the world, it is not known how many dollars there are, in the case of bitcoin we know how many are in every second!

If you want to exchange ETH (Ethereum) in BTC (Bitcoin) or other cryptocurrency I recommend kucoin.com.

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