Firo rose from $ 1.47 to $ 7.24 in just 48 hours

Firo rose from $ 1.47 to $ 7.24 in just 48 hours

At the time of writing, FIRO is trading on USDT and BUSD at approx. $ 3.30. The parabolic growth of FIRO is not known, but it seems that FIRO could find a support at 2.5 USD for a while, later it is possible to see it below 2 USD.

Firo had a transaction volume of almost 16 million USD on July 14, and on July 15, the transaction volume reached a peak of 471 million USD. If we look at the long term, FIRO has the potential to exceed $ 120! So, I think it’s a good buy around $ 2, although we may see it for under $ 1 in August!

On the other hand, if you want to buy Bitcoin, Firo, Monero or Ethereum Classic I recommend

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