Dogecoin – forecasts for the end of 2021

Dogecoin – forecasts for the end of 2021

At the time of writing, dogecoin is trading at $ 0.24 / DOGE and 0.00000444 BTC / DOGE, respectively.

What are the chances that Dogecoin will end 2021 with $ 1 / DOGE?

Well dogecoin should become at least four times more valuable than bitcoin, to reach $ 0.96 / DOGE, which is not impossible, because this year DOGE has managed at some point to grow even 14 times against Bitcoin.

However, it is not necessary to look at the total market value of dogecoin, because, like bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, many dogecoins are lost, or forgotten on an old hard drive, without the owner having a chance to get them back!

On the other hand, for DOGE to double its value, it currently takes approx. 3000 BTC, or $ 166 million, which is not a large amount if we refer even to the Romanian population of approx. 19 million inhabitants. The amount invested by each Romanian should be about $ 10! Remember, this statement is approximate and may be far from reality, but it is an idea to worth considering!

So the fact that dogecoin could reach $ 1 / DOGE by the end of this year is not an assumption to rule out. On 6th August this year, DOGE reached a minimum relative to bitcoin of 0.00000476 BTC / DOGE, and 9 days later, it managed to reach a peak of 0.00000742 BTC / DOGE, so we can witness the doubling of dogecoin against bitcoin, in just a few days!

But please, when it comes to cryptocurrencies or tokens – don’t risk more than you can afford to lose!

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Dorel Puchianu

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