Bitcoin hit $200,000 on Safe Trade

Safe Trade is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can exchange cryptocurrencies without giving away your personal data.

By the way, I don’t recommend keeping your money in cryptocurrency exchanges. On August 22nd of this year, someone bought a higher amount of Bitcoin on Safe Trade and this fact caused the price of BTC to rise to $199,999.4, almost $200,000. This is explained simply, bitcoin liquidity on this exchange is low, and it can fly to $500,000 at any time if someone buys orders up to 0.5 BTC.

So, in my personal opinion, on Safe Trade it is worth trying to sell your bitcoins, but again, I do not recommend you to keep your cryptocurrencies too long in exchanges!

If you want to make an account on Safe Trade, I invite you to use the Referral UID code: IDD80F51C687.

bitcoin hit 200000 USD

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