Money has no ethics! Here comes the bitcoin!

Money has no ethics! Here comes the bitcoin!

I will repeat this topic until everyone understands that money is just paper printed by a central bank, to which we have entrusted this power!

Indeed, money controls all the reality in which we exist at the moment. The world is run by money, sorry the world is run by banknotes printed with many security system.

These bacnotes can be printed in a garage, if more specialists have this common purpose, but obviously they will be considered criminals and will go to jail, unlike a central bank that can print money without laws or limits.

Today, any central bank can print as much money as it wants, especially as the cash begins to disappear, and here I mean paper money, the central banks will no longer have to issue physical money, but only dictate how much money (digital numbers) will have commercial banks in their accounts.

More than anyone else, banks keep track of our money from accounts, we will no longer need to have cash, banks will only store numbers in database, on a server.

So in the future there will be only figures (only numbers), there will be no money, and the control of banks will be complete, as well as of the State. There is an advantage in that money will be harder to laundering, but apparently there are cryptocurrencies that know how to hide money well! It’s Monero cryptocurrency, but I’ll come back to this topic.

So, is it ethical that a central bank can print as much money as it wants?

Not. Because, many of us work 21 days a month for a net salary of 1500 lei or 1500 USD, which a central bank prints in seconds. Where is the morality? Where is justice?

There is no morality, there is no justice, there is no equality! I feel like someone is making fun of us! And, through money, everything in this world is controlled!

Am I wrong? Please comment!

I remind you that money has not been covered in gold for over 40 years, it can be printed at banks discretion. The simplest example is the growing money supply.

Here comes the bitcoin!

Bitcoin was launched in 2009, and since then, the concept of money has changed. Bitcoins need to be generated using the computers, and the digital booklet in which all transactions between bitcoin addresses are kept is decentralized, meaning it is on several computers around the world!

Therefore, the Bitcoin network (blockchain) cannot be controlled by a central bank. Bitcoins are limited to 21 million units, so by its nature bitcoin will grow in relation to the classic money!

But central banks had understood the principle of bitcoin, and surprise! The banks want cryptocurrencies, but unlike bitcoin, cryptocurrencies issued by central banks will also be issued by them, so goodbye decentralization and creation of these cryptocurrencies with home computers.


Everyone should have the right to a decent living, I mean here: a roof, reasonable food and medical services. These requirements are minimal, not impossible, and those who want more are free to develop technologies, products, services etc.

We are not animals, even animals have access to grass and water in the forest. Sure maybe this statement is exaggerated, but it should make us think!

I believe that artificial intelligence will find a solution to have minimal peace and resources for everyone almost free. Robots don’t come to steal our jobs, such as programming, truck driving, cleaning, and more! They come to help us, but some see that it threatens what is meaningless!

Artificial intelligence will be above us!

However, I do not want to end like this!

Just think, how much money can central banks print? Unlimited! And then why they do not provide for free a modest home, food and medical services for anyone?

Because that is, central banks, governments appreciate when they see people who have nothing to eat, who are homeless, I will no longer see beggars, I will no longer see sick people who die, who have no money to – pay for a treatment etc. I think that everyone should have the right to a home without money or social status!

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Dorel Puchianu

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